A view from the stands: PNE (H)

Off the back of a last-minute heartbreak at Brammall Lane, preceded by a frustrating tale of lax defending against West Brom and the last-kick heroics at St. Andrews, Norwich fans could rightly feel flustered that the Yellows hadn’t already a clean sweep of nine points on the board. And that sentiment showed for much of a turgid display against Alex Neil’s Preston. It was a … Continue reading A view from the stands: PNE (H)

Why Ferrari would be wrong to snub Charles Leclerc

Having rocketed his way through the ranks of the Ferrari Driver Academy Charles Leclerc has built himself a portfolio that only a small handful of drivers in the world can match, and 2018 has seen the Monegasque solidify his reputation and turn what was a very promising career into impressive, albeit short-term results, wherein he has arguably outperformed his machinery. Contrasting this with Kimi Raikkonen, … Continue reading Why Ferrari would be wrong to snub Charles Leclerc

F1’s second tier: the closest fight in years

Just a matter of a few months ago it seemed unlikely, albeit not inconceivable, that the midfield battle could be comprised of more than the Force India-Williams-Renault battle that played a supporting role in last year’s world championship. But lo, it has turned out to be the case that not only is there an added zest and unpredictability to the current fight for fourth in … Continue reading F1’s second tier: the closest fight in years

F1’s state of play: the top three

Having recently digested the events of the Canadian Grand Prix – and those of the preceding six – assessing the state of play in the various microclimates that envelope the different echelons of the Formula One grid is a fairly arduous task, but nonetheless one that reveals many facets and points of intrigue for the remaining 14 races on the itinerary. Starting with the front … Continue reading F1’s state of play: the top three

Fading tyres produce gripping Monaco finale

Having headlined each session from first practice to final qualifying, you’d be forgiven for looking at Daniel Ricciardo’s winning margin and thinking it was all rather more straightforward than it really was. The Australian was forced to edge out the fast-starting Sebastian Vettel at Ste. Devote, and proceeded to build a comfortable lead over a pack that followed a processional status quo. The pitstops came … Continue reading Fading tyres produce gripping Monaco finale

Grand Prix-view: Monaco

Situated in the picturesque Monte-Carlo harbour, the Monaco Grand Prix can often be as underwhelming a spectacle – where racing is concerned – as it is glamourous. Of course, a circuit with the unique history behind it that Monaco possesses shouldn’t be discarded from the calendar, or denigrated as a ‘gimmick’ race as can be the case. As is usually the status quo in the principality, … Continue reading Grand Prix-view: Monaco

Why F2 in 2018 could be the best yet

With five winners in the first 6 races of this year’s Formula 2 championship, viewers have been treated to some heartstopping racing – a hallmark of the junior category – as well as an expanse of exciting Formula 1 hopefuls to an extent not seen for many seasons, if at all since the series’ inception as GP2 in 2005. With the returning Artem Markelov comes the usual … Continue reading Why F2 in 2018 could be the best yet

The case for the defence of McLaren

After three seasons spent supposedly enduring the woes bestowed upon them by Honda, McLaren’s switch to Renault has, so far, yielded only modest results, especially considering how much of a rollicking their former engine partners were given. But does that truly serve to disprove the blame that McLaren put on Honda for their collective failures? If you watch the behind-the-scenes Amazon documentary ‘Grand Prix Driver’ … Continue reading The case for the defence of McLaren

While I’m no engineer: hydrogen fuel cells

While I’m no engineer, it isn’t exactly an elongated task to work out where our energy supplies – particularly those powering our cars – will come from in future: just about anything besides fossil fuels. Around a year ago I penned my thoughts on the idea of replacing crude oil-based fuels with bio-ethanol, but naturally it isn’t the silver bullet to the problems surrounding the … Continue reading While I’m no engineer: hydrogen fuel cells

Mercedes take precedent in Barcelona

In the wake of three difficult races, in which the Pirelli tyres had been the bain of their life, Mercedes turned up to a track that would work the tyres harder than any other circuit since, with a track surface broadly different to the abrasive nature of those already visited in 2018, on which they faired significantly worse than Ferrari. Couple that to a change … Continue reading Mercedes take precedent in Barcelona